With this tour you will visit the most important animal reserve in west Africa; the monkeys in the south and the center of the country and and some cultural life of the people in Benin.

Day 1 : Cotonou- Drabo- Jardin des Plantes Porto Novo Gnanhouizounmè
In the morning we will depart for the Sanctuary of monkeys at Drabo in Abomey Calavi, a managed forest where we will observe the Red-bellied monkey. The sanctuary is home to all the threatened forest plant species of Benin.
Back in the afternoon to Cotonou where we will have the lunch.
From Cotonou we will go to Porto Novo in “Jardin des Plantes” where we will see another kind of monkeys.
Overnight stay in Porto Novo.
Departure in the morning for Gnanhouizounmè sacred forest.
Practice of the circuit “Wogboto” that will plunge us into the heart of the culture of Wémènou, the village history and daily activities (fishing, basket weaving, and agriculture) of the population and the particular architecture of the houses in Gnanhouizounmè.
In Gnanhouizounmè sacred forest, we will have opportunity to observe the Red-bellied monkey, Tantalus monkey and Mona monkey. Gnahouizounmè is a dense flooded forest which is the refuge of a variety of wildlife species, especially threatened species as Red-bellied monkey, Sitatunga and Bush pig.
Dinner and night at Gnanhouizounmè
Day 3: Gnanhouizounmè – Kikélé
Early in the morning we will go to the forest to see the monkeys eating and drinking. For this it is better to go in early in the morning to be sure to see them.
Lunch in Gnanhouizounmè
Departure for Kikélé sacred forest it is a long way driving where we will arrive in night.
Overnight stay in Kikélé
Day 3 : Kikélé
The tour will start here early in the morning.
We will discover the village and its history. We will spend all the day in the forest and come back at evening for overnight.
We will have opportunity to observe the tame White thighed colobus, a majestic monkey that local people consider as their ancestor. The Mona monkey could be also observed in the forest. The visitor will learn about several plants used by the population in traditional medicine.
Departure after breakfast to Natitingou. It is a long way driving also the road is not good.
We will arrive at evening.
Overnight stay in Natitingou.
In the morning after breakfast we will drive to Pendjari National Park. It is the most important animal reserve in West-Africa. You can see many different animal like lions, elephants, antelopes, warthogs, buffalos…etc.
Overnight stay in the Park.
Early in the morning we will go back to observe the animals and in the afternoon we will go to the waterfall. Here you can swim and relax.
Back to Natitingou for overnight stay.
In the morning we will drive to Boukombe to visit Tata Somba with the Otammari people.
In the afternoon we will drive to Taneka for traditional dance of excision in Taneka.
Overnight stay in Taneka.
Day 8
In the morning you will trek in the mountain for two hours.
Back to hotel to have the breakfast and drive to Cotonou.

Transport with air conditioned car, fuel and driver
Hotels/Guest houses
Meals day 1 lunch and dinner
Meals breakfast, lunch and dinner (day 2 -8)
The traditional dance mentioned in the tour